How do I order invitations?

Schedule either a private appointment or phone consultation. We will discuss your invitation needs, wedding themes and budget. An estimate, invitation overview, and schedule will follow each meeting/phone interview. Once the estimate is approved and the text and deposit are received, we can begin design!

Can I work with MODpaper even if I don’t live in Austin?

We can easily accommodate long-distance orders. A phone consultation is just as effective as a studio visit.

What is the invitation turnaround time?

Our invitation process normally involves a 6 week turnaround (3 weeks for design, 3 weeks for printing), but we do offer a rush charge (additional 30% of total fee), and we can significantly reduce that turnaround time when necessary.

What printing options are available?

We not only offer letterpress printed invitations but we also print offset and digitally.

What is letterpress?

The letterpress technique originally employed raised metal type letters from hot lead. Today, letterpress printers use polymer plates to obtain a deep impression into the paper creating gorgeous definition to each printed piece.

How does the design process work?

Once the invitation vision is mapped out, the client receives an estimate which serves as the contract along with a detailed timeline and overview. Once we have received estimate approval, invitation text and the 30% deposit, we will begin design. The client will see 2-3 design rounds, depending on budget, emailed to them via PDF. Please proofread the final PDF carefully. The approved PDF is exactly what is sent for formal printing. It is up to you to make sure all information is exactly as you want it! Once the last design round is approved, MODpaper sends the artwork to print.

I have a very specific ink color in mind, can I match it perfectly?

We can easily match any color you want! Send us a swatch (paint chip, swatch from your bridesmaid dresses, etc) and we will match it to the corresponding Pantone ink color for our printer.

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